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To all those guitar lovers out there…it is time to check out charvel guitars at Musician’s Friend and for all those people that know guitar lovers…then this would make for an amazing gift for them. Why not get a really nice brand of guitar for that person because you know that they would absolutely love it. Guitars are totally addictive and this one is a great one to add to your collection. People that play guitars always welcome a new one in their guitar family.

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Posted on 07.17.15 by solistentothis @

There are so many great guitars out there and my husband who plays the guitar wants them all! LOL He wants everything from a classic Fender to a squir strat tremolo. Every guitar has it’s own personality and own sound. If he had room he would already have so many more than what he has. Personally, I think 2 is enough – electric and acoustic. That is enough when you don’t have room to put them!

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You just never know when you will need life insurance. And you hope that it will never happen to you but you just never know. Everyone thinks that it will not happen to them but it is happening to someone out there so better to be prepared just in case. I know that my cousin is going through this with her pregnancy problems and how everything turned out with her daughter. It is just a mess and her thing is that she doesn’t think she should have to pay for her medical bills because of their negligence. It is actually a long story but I side with her on this one even though in many if not all other cases she is a complete fool…lol.

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There are so many great deals online if you are looking to get an instrument for you or your children. When you get instruments for your children you want to make sure that you get a good one but obviously you don’t want to get one that is going to break the bank because they may or may not like it or stick with it. But if you don’t get a quality instrument then they may not like it because it is an inferior product.

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Pet Pharmacy
Posted on 04.20.15 by solistentothis @

I don’t know about you but I just love my dog. She is just a sweetheart and she is part of this family. I make sure that if she were to need a vet then she would get the best of care. And sometimes your pet may need that medicine. And if they need regular medicine then wouldn’t it make sense to just get it online. I know that I do all of my shopping online because it is so convenient. Sure i have to go out and get things here and there but if you work then you know that time is valuable!

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PRS Bernie Marsden
Posted on 12.08.14 by solistentothis @

So, am I going to cave and get my husband a new guitar…perhaps get him a prs bernie marsden. He would love to have a new electric guitar as he is starting to really play again which is kind of nice again. I really do like hearing him play. And I know that it would make for a fabulous gift and I very rarely get him really nice gifts that he actually wants and would like and even would be really surprised that I got it!

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Drum Pad
Posted on 12.08.14 by solistentothis @

If you have a child that would like to play the drums that may not be the instrument that you wanted. However you are not going to go out and get a huge and every expensive drum set. You should first get them a drum pad machine from musicians friend. It takes up less room, it is a great way to practice on something and you can control the volume which is the best part about this especially if they like to practice later at night.

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Music Stands
Posted on 12.08.14 by solistentothis @

If you have a child that is just starting out with their music lessons why not look the music stands that are out there. They make for a great gift. My niece wanted a green music stand and I found one and she just loved it. She plays the flute and her room is green and she just wanted something that would mate her room rather than the boring black or the silver music stands that many of her friends have. Why not get her something different!

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Dunlop Guitar Strings
Posted on 11.21.14 by solistentothis @

If you are guitarist or just someone that likes to fiddle around with their guitar during the weekends or just free time that they can just sit down and relax with their guitar. Which is why you want to be sure that you have those spare guitar strings so that if you need to change them then you will have them. And you can get great quality brands right online and delivered to your door like dunlop guitar strings from guitar center.

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Goods Home Furnishings Best Furniture
Posted on 11.20.14 by solistentothis @

It is a great time of year to redecorate your home to a style that is up to date and something that you would just love to look at. And with the holidays right around the corner you can invite all of your family and friends over to admire the goods home furnishings best furniture that is now in your home. It is nice to take one room a year, because it is costly, but just doing one room a year replacing worn out furniture can give you home a fresher and newer look to it.

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Clayton Guitar Picks
Posted on 11.10.14 by solistentothis @

My anniversary is coming up and we usually go out to eat but we don’t exchange gifts. But we always exchange cards and sometimes we put little things in the cards. My husband plays the guitar and he has been starting to play again after taking a long break simply because he just didn’t have the time. So I figured it would be a cute idea to put some clayton guitar picks at guitar center in the card because you can never have too many picks!

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Posted on 10.22.14 by solistentothis @

Do you even know what an mf is? If you are a musician you may but if you are a guitarist then you probably most certainly do. And the thing with guitarist is that they play a wide variety of music. I know a classical guitarist and he can play jazz equally as well but if you want him to just screw around on the electric guitar in a band he is amazing. A good guitar player can do this will no problem at all. That is why the guitar is the coolest instrument out there in my opinion.

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Mastering Software
Posted on 10.17.14 by solistentothis @

When you get into playing instruments and you really start enjoying it you suddenly find more and more things to get. And if you play the guitar then you know that the list just goes on and on. You have the great amps, the cords, the picks, the brands of guitars and then you have the mixing boards and the mastering software……and it goes on and on. And it can be a lot of fun but it can be quite costly if you don’t know where to shop. Sometimes the accessories that you buy can make your playing sound that much better too!

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Fender American
Posted on 10.15.14 by solistentothis @

Instruments are a big part of my family and I have taken many music lessons over the years for a variety of instruments. But I have found that there are certain instruments that you can get quite addicted to meaning that you can never have just one. My husband is like that. He loves guitars and there are so many brands out there and so many kinds as well everything from an acoustic to fender american p bass. And get them online, don’t even have to leave the house to order.

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Buying Used Wheels
Posted on 09.27.14 by solistentothis @

Who can afford much of anything these days in the economy that we are in….I am finding myself buying more and more used things that are in really good condition everything fromused wheels to clothing. I just can not personally afford to get all new things all of the time as most people can not. Consignment stores are going to find that they are the business of the year. If you are thinking of starting any sort of business you may actually want to consider something like this – even if it is just on ebay!

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Bachelorette Party
Posted on 09.16.14 by solistentothis @

When it comes to planning that exciting bachelorette party you don’t want to just do the usual stuff people do. Why not find ideas for bachelorette party that are going to truly be not only super fun but really rememberable. This is a great way for girls together to have fun. And sometimes it is even more fun for the friends because they may already be married with kids and a night out with the girls is always a welcomed treat that comes few and far between!

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Auto Accessories
Posted on 07.24.14 by solistentothis @

When it comes to auto accessories you just have to know where to look to get the best deals. You do not have to spend a fortune these days to make your car look fantastic. And you can get accessories that are made specifically for your car. Everyone knows that car lover in their life….I think there is one in every family. My dad loves cars and he has always taken extremely good car of all the cars he has had throughout the years. And he is big into the accessories…buying the cars at a reasonable price and then making them looking like a million dollors…sort of speak 🙂

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Lighting stage
Posted on 07.21.14 by solistentothis @

I love going to local play productions but they always seem to lack things like lighting and different effects. You can go online to different sites like to not only find instruments but also things like sage lighting and sound systems to better help any productions whether it is instrumental or a play that a school maybe putting on for the parents and town. Sometimes the little things like sound and lighting can make a lot of difference in a show.

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Classical Guitars
Posted on 07.21.14 by solistentothis @

There is nothing better classical guitars. They are great to play but they are even better to listen too. It is just so relaxing to be able to listen to a live classical guitarist. And it is very romantic as well. And guitar is a great instrument to learn because you can play so many styles of music on it and it will sound great – everything from rock to jazz to classical. And if you have a child then you should definitely start them on this instrument.

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Wooden Swing Sets
Posted on 07.21.14 by solistentothis @

Now is the best time to look for those great wooden swing sets in richmond. There is nothing like going outside in the backyard with your children and playing on the swing set. Ever kid likes to have a swing to swing on and a slide to go down. I have so many great fond memories of playing in my backyard on the swings fro hours and hours with my bother and sister. Some of my best summer memories were making up and playing games on he swing set.

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Movado Bold
Posted on 06.16.14 by solistentothis @

Well, the graduation season is almost upon us again which means you have to find that great gift that will be timeless. So, why not get that great Movado bold watch. A watch makes for a great gift. My parents got me a beautiful watch when I graduation college and I still have it and it still works and I still wear it despite the fact that I have a cell phone. A cell phone is not a watch. A watch can be a great accessory and a beautiful piece of jewelry!

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Azul Wedding Photography
Posted on 05.08.14 by solistentothis @

I don’t know about you but the most expensive thing about my wedding was the photographer. It was even more expensive than the dress and the venue because we did not have that many people attend. The photographer was horrible besides! I think I took better candid pictures that this guy did and he charged us a small fortune. I wish I would have done a little research because there are much better places out there like Azul wedding photography that would have done a hell of a better job than my guy!

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Fender Guitar
Posted on 03.15.14 by solistentothis @

My husband plays the guitar and he has a Gibson guitars – a Les Paul. He also has a fender and a classical guitar since he is trained in classical guitar. But he loves to play the classics and the pop music even though I prefer the classical. We got a pink fender for my niece but she really had no interest in learning the guitar. But I have a friend that recently became interested in learning the guitar so, we let her borrow the pink fender. So far she is really enjoying it. I personally would love to learn how to play the guitar and there are guitars here but I need a left handed guitar. I started to learn years ago but the teacher insisted that I learn with the right hand which is ridiculous and I just go so discouraged and turned off by the whole thing that I never tried again. Maybe it is time to pick it up again and see what I can do with it.

I think that 90% of boys think about learning how to play that guitar – and there are lots of programs out there today that can teach you the basics. But the first thing to get is the guitar and you need to get a good guitar. The kind of instrument that you get can make all the difference in the world – the better it plays…they better you will sound and the more you will like it.

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Classical Music
Posted on 02.10.14 by solistentothis @

I am a big fan of classical music. I just love to listen to it. It is relaxing and enjoyable. I like the light pop music don’t get me wrong but I thin that more people should be exposed to the beauty of classical music. I don’t think that people truly appreciate it because they never really have experienced it in a way that would make that enjoy and just love it. Perhaps going to the live orchestra concert or an opera would change your mind. You would be surprised how many people realized the beauty of classical music after years of not listening to it. And it is just fun to dress up to go to a classical concert…so many designer shoes and replica designer handbags in your closets to choose from!

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Medical Assistant School
Posted on 01.26.14 by solistentothis @

My good friend went to medical assistant school and she just loves her career. I think that people should really go into a career that they are truly going to like. Why in the world would you want to go to school and spend all the money for a career that you do not like…a career that you will have to do for decades in some cases. If you are interested in the medical field this just may be the career path you will enjoy.

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