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Goods Home Furnishings Best Furniture
Posted on 11.20.14 by solistentothis @

It is a great time of year to redecorate your home to a style that is up to date and something that you would just love to look at. And with the holidays right around the corner you can invite all of your family and friends over to admire the goods home furnishings best furniture that is now in your home. It is nice to take one room a year, because it is costly, but just doing one room a year replacing worn out furniture can give you home a fresher and newer look to it.

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Clayton Guitar Picks
Posted on 11.10.14 by solistentothis @

My anniversary is coming up and we usually go out to eat but we don’t exchange gifts. But we always exchange cards and sometimes we put little things in the cards. My husband plays the guitar and he has been starting to play again after taking a long break simply because he just didn’t have the time. So I figured it would be a cute idea to put some clayton guitar picks at guitar center in the card because you can never have too many picks!

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Posted on 10.22.14 by solistentothis @

Do you even know what an mf is? If you are a musician you may but if you are a guitarist then you probably most certainly do. And the thing with guitarist is that they play a wide variety of music. I know a classical guitarist and he can play jazz equally as well but if you want him to just screw around on the electric guitar in a band he is amazing. A good guitar player can do this will no problem at all. That is why the guitar is the coolest instrument out there in my opinion.

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Mastering Software
Posted on 10.17.14 by solistentothis @

When you get into playing instruments and you really start enjoying it you suddenly find more and more things to get. And if you play the guitar then you know that the list just goes on and on. You have the great amps, the cords, the picks, the brands of guitars and then you have the mixing boards and the mastering software……and it goes on and on. And it can be a lot of fun but it can be quite costly if you don’t know where to shop. Sometimes the accessories that you buy can make your playing sound that much better too!

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Fender American
Posted on 10.15.14 by solistentothis @

Instruments are a big part of my family and I have taken many music lessons over the years for a variety of instruments. But I have found that there are certain instruments that you can get quite addicted to meaning that you can never have just one. My husband is like that. He loves guitars and there are so many brands out there and so many kinds as well everything from an acoustic to fender american p bass. And get them online, don’t even have to leave the house to order.

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Bachelorette Party
Posted on 09.16.14 by solistentothis @

When it comes to planning that exciting bachelorette party you don’t want to just do the usual stuff people do. Why not find ideas for bachelorette party that are going to truly be not only super fun but really rememberable. This is a great way for girls together to have fun. And sometimes it is even more fun for the friends because they may already be married with kids and a night out with the girls is always a welcomed treat that comes few and far between!

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Lighting stage
Posted on 07.21.14 by solistentothis @

I love going to local play productions but they always seem to lack things like lighting and different effects. You can go online to different sites like to not only find instruments but also things like sage lighting and sound systems to better help any productions whether it is instrumental or a play that a school maybe putting on for the parents and town. Sometimes the little things like sound and lighting can make a lot of difference in a show.

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Classical Guitars
Posted on 07.21.14 by solistentothis @

There is nothing better classical guitars. They are great to play but they are even better to listen too. It is just so relaxing to be able to listen to a live classical guitarist. And it is very romantic as well. And guitar is a great instrument to learn because you can play so many styles of music on it and it will sound great – everything from rock to jazz to classical. And if you have a child then you should definitely start them on this instrument.

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Wooden Swing Sets
Posted on 07.21.14 by solistentothis @

Now is the best time to look for those great wooden swing sets in richmond. There is nothing like going outside in the backyard with your children and playing on the swing set. Ever kid likes to have a swing to swing on and a slide to go down. I have so many great fond memories of playing in my backyard on the swings fro hours and hours with my bother and sister. Some of my best summer memories were making up and playing games on he swing set.

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Movado Bold
Posted on 06.16.14 by solistentothis @

Well, the graduation season is almost upon us again which means you have to find that great gift that will be timeless. So, why not get that great Movado bold watch. A watch makes for a great gift. My parents got me a beautiful watch when I graduation college and I still have it and it still works and I still wear it despite the fact that I have a cell phone. A cell phone is not a watch. A watch can be a great accessory and a beautiful piece of jewelry!

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Azul Wedding Photography
Posted on 05.08.14 by solistentothis @

I don’t know about you but the most expensive thing about my wedding was the photographer. It was even more expensive than the dress and the venue because we did not have that many people attend. The photographer was horrible besides! I think I took better candid pictures that this guy did and he charged us a small fortune. I wish I would have done a little research because there are much better places out there like Azul wedding photography that would have done a hell of a better job than my guy!

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Medical Assistant School
Posted on 01.26.14 by solistentothis @

My good friend went to medical assistant school and she just loves her career. I think that people should really go into a career that they are truly going to like. Why in the world would you want to go to school and spend all the money for a career that you do not like…a career that you will have to do for decades in some cases. If you are interested in the medical field this just may be the career path you will enjoy.

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Found NC Health Insurance
Posted on 01.11.14 by solistentothis @

You can get insurance anywhere but can have you found nc health insurance that you can afford. That is the problem these days…finding that insurance that you need to get or you will be penalized on your taxes but something that you can actually afford. It is a catch 22 situation – you have to have it but you can’t afford it. That is why there are many option out there that you can find online. Always do your research when it comes to searching for that insurance.

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Dean Markley Guitar Strings
Posted on 01.11.14 by solistentothis @

If you play guitar then you know how important it is to get the right kinds of guitar strings and there are so many out there to choose from like the Dean Markley guitar strings at musicians friend for example. The guitar strings can really make all the difference in the world and the same holds true with violin strings or clarinet reeds. If the actually things that help make the sounds are poorly made and are cheap then chances are you are not going to sound nearly as good as you could.

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Bought Grooved Pins
Posted on 01.11.14 by solistentothis @

When it comes to hardware you can get any sort of accessories right online. Have you ever bought grooved pins on the internet. You can buy so much stuff online and if you are someone that loves to use your hands especially with tools then instead of wasting your days at home depot or at loses then just go right online and order anything you want from fasteners to nails.

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Washburn Guitars
Posted on 01.06.14 by solistentothis @

If you are someone that loves guitars then chances are you are not going to just have one. My brother, my uncle and my grandfather all play and love guitars and they have at least 3 guitars each. They are like kids in a candy store when they go into a guitar store. And I would say that this is the same with most other guitar players. And there are so many types of guitars that you can actually get right online too everything from fender to washburn guitars. The holidays are almost here too!

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Fender Mustang Bass
Posted on 12.05.13 by solistentothis @

I have many friends that play or played the guitar since I went to school for music. There was 5 guitar majors for every piano major that is for sure. I wanted to learn how to play the guitar but no one would teach me left handed so I just didn’t want to. It just never felt right with the right hand. My husband plays guitar though and he has also played the bass in bands. A great bass if you like these instruments is the fender mustang bass.

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Apricot Seeds
Posted on 11.20.13 by solistentothis @

I love nuts and seeds – everything from the norm like almonds to the not so norm like apricot seeds. I love dried fruit too. These are just things that everyone should be eating because they are really so good for your health especially seeds. You may not think it because no one eats the pits or the seeds in fruit. Watermelon seeds are great too. Of course with anything you wouldn’t want to over do it but they are yummy.

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Amazing Piccolos
Posted on 11.08.13 by solistentothis @

My sister use to play the flute when she was in high school. I played the clarinet and my brother played the sax so we had quite the little band going on. But when you play the flute you will find that the instructors are going to want to have to try to play the piccolo. And you can find amazing Piccolos online. There are only one or possibly 2 piccolos in a band so it is great that you would be considered in playing the piccolo. It is pretty similar to a flute but if you have a dog…then make sure you practice while it is outside 🙂

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Posted on 11.07.13 by solistentothis @

If you play guitar then you probably have at least once in your life picked up that acoustic guitar to play it. Some people love electric and some people love acoustic. I personally think they both have their place. And there are really nice ones out there of both kinds like the taylor gs mini mahogany for the acoustic or the classic fender electric guitar. Just be warned that once you start playing the guitar it is addictive and you will not just end up with one kind of guitar.

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Latex Mattress
Posted on 10.31.13 by solistentothis @

When it comes to your bed you want to be sure be sleeping on something that is going to give you that good nights sleep and a good mattress has great reviews for doing just that. There is nothing like a good nights sleep…it makes you feel refreshed and it is something that everyone should be getting. If people do not get enough sleep it can really wreak havoc on your health and your immune system. So many ailments could be prevented by just sleeping well every single night.

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Snowboard Storage
Posted on 10.29.13 by solistentothis @

When it comes to winter there are people that love it and people that hate it.  And if you are one that loves it then chances are you either like to ski or you like to snowboard.  And if you like to do either than you need that snowboard storage to keep you equipment in tip top shape because this is not a cheap hobby that is for sure.  It is a fun past time that can be quite costly to get the start up equipment so you want to be sure that you are keeping it well kept from year to year and even just from week to week depending on how often you go.

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Posted on 10.05.13 by solistentothis @

Who would not love to have that pretty website where you can either have that internet business or even just blog about topics that interest you the most. But in many cases…people just do not know how to create something that is going to really look pretty and creative and not do nearly as good of a job as could do. I have tried on many occasions to create my own webpages and sites but they just do not stand up to the professionals.

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Mattress Store
Posted on 09.19.13 by solistentothis @

There is nothing like getting a great nights sleep on a good mattress. And the selection of mattress stores austin has is quite good. People under estimate the importance of having that good nights sleep. It is so important in not only the way you feel and look but your overall health. Especially with it being cold and flu season… you want to make sure you are getting a good nights sleep so that your immune system is up to par.

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Thomas Kincaid Furniture
Posted on 08.27.13 by solistentothis @

I am a huge fan of Thomas Kincaid Paintings and now there is thomas kincaid furniture which is just lovely. And what a great time of year to get some new furniture for your home. I just love getting new furniture but overspending is something that I just do not like to do. I love to shop online because I have the best luck when it comes to selection as well as prices.

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