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Amazon Free Shipping!!!
Posted on 11.30.09 by solistentothis @

The free shipping option has disappeared form amazon when you check out…you do not have that choice anymore or at least for that past couple of daysl. And this is ironically during the busiest time of the year that people are shopping online. I was a little disgusted and was on hold with someone for 30 minutes today about this!

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Finding Feetsie Pajamas
Posted on 11.06.09 by solistentothis @

Finding feetse pajamas for any one older than 4 is nearly impossible! It is so hard to find and if you do happen to find a cute pair they are around $60 – what is up with that. Who is going to pay that much for pj’s? I know that I am not but they are just so comfy. I think I have to learn how to sew because I really want feetsies for this winter 🙂

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Shower Favors
Posted on 08.29.09 by solistentothis @


Planning a bridal shower can be a lot of work but it can be a lot of fun at the same time. And the best part about it is that you can go right online and get great ideas and great shower favors and invitations and pretty much everything without even leaving your house. Bridal Wedding Favors is an awesome site to check out if you are getting married or planning for that shower. They have great products at great prices and they have a nice selection to choose from as well. I like how they have pictures for all of their items because you really do want to see the products before you get them. they have great ideas for all sorts of weddings.

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Baby Stuff Gifts Personalized Baby Gifts
Posted on 06.26.09 by solistentothis @


When it comes to picking out personalized baby gifts there is a great selection at Baby Stuff Gifts. And what I absolutely love about this site is that the gift presentation is so adorable! And they have things for baby boys, baby girls and even personalized gifts for those cute little twins! They also have plush animals that every new born baby must have 🙂 I prefer the personalized gifts just because they make a nice memento of a time that will just go by so fast. It goes by in a blink of an eye it seems…so these items are nice reminders of when your grown children were once your little babies 🙂 And they really do make great gifts for that baby shower…everyone always comments on them!

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Posted on 02.17.09 by solistentothis @

My husband really wants to get the ipone…I think that it is just too much money. Why do you have to spend that much on a phone? Is it that great? Well, apparently it is because my father in law has it but he can afford it and we can not. I will not tell him not to get it but I did let my opinion be known that at this time it may not be the best idea to get a phone that cost so much money and so much to maintain!

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Gifts For Mom
Posted on 02.10.09 by solistentothis @

When it comes to baby showers there is just so much that has to go into planning it. I know because I am in the process of planning one. And it is not just getting the place but it is picking the baby shower games and getting the cake and getting the favors…all the little things that you don’t think of until you are actually planning one! And then there is the gift that you have to get that mom to be and personally, I like to get something for the mom. And what mom would not just love to get something for herself. I was checking out the silver lockets and I think that would just make for the nicest gift for that mom to be. A nice locket to put a picture of that precious newborn in!

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Clark Color Lab
Posted on 01.25.09 by solistentothis @

I have been using Clark Color Lab for quite some time now and I have been a little disappointed in the pictures I have been getting the last 2 times I have ordered from them. On my computer the pictures look a lot better than when I got them back from Clark. I am very upset with the results of the pictures. I hope it is just because of the chaos of the holidays.

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Webkinz Craze
Posted on 12.27.08 by solistentothis @

My mother in law just went crazy with the webkinz this year. My daughter was so happy too. She tried to go on her account but apparently this is still a hot gift to give because she could not even get online! She was a little disappointed but was so glad to have all the webkinz. She just loaded in the codes the day after christmas…no big deal she still had fun with them.

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Great Gifts
Posted on 12.19.08 by solistentothis @

There are good gifts and then there are great gifts. And I think that the great gifts are the gifts that people will actually use and they actually need. Sure there are the usual gifts but in many cases they are never used…so what is the point of getting that gift just for the sake of getting another gift for them to unwrap. With todays ecomony being the way that it is that just does not make sense. A great gift are the MP3 players because who wouldn’t use one of them. I even use mine…I use it when I am cleaning and it just makes the time go by so much quicker in my opinion!!

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Holiday Music
Posted on 11.17.08 by solistentothis @

I can not believe the stations that already have the 24 hours a day christmas music on. I think that they are trying to get everyone in the holiday and shopping spirit. I guess if you are in the holiday mood then you are also in the shopping mood. Although I don’t see a lot of people in the stores…online maybe though but you can’t see them.

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School Again
Posted on 08.27.08 by solistentothis @

Can you believe that it is school time already! Where oh where did the summer go. It just flew by for me. It was June and now it is September or almost september…just a few more days of August left. And the weather is getting crisp outdoors…I don’t want to go back to school that is for sure.

And with school comes all the things that you have to get…school clothing, bags, books and don’t forget a laptop. You just can not function and get through school without those Laptops today. And there are just so many out there to choose from too. Save Buckets is a great site to go to because they compare many different brands for you so that you not only get the best out there but you also get the best price out there. And when it comes to this time of year I don’t know about you but I do not have the extra money to waste so if I can save I do!

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Online Shopping
Posted on 08.07.08 by solistentothis @

I personally just love to shop online. I find that there are certain sites that are just great for online shopping such as ShopWiki. This is just great because it finds every store on the internet because it acts like google and crawls them. It is not like the other shopping sites because they will only show you the stores that paid for the placements. ShopWiki gives you everything so you can find anything and everything for sale on the web today and this way you will get the best deals out there at the best places.

And right now school is going to be starting so it is time for all that school shopping. Time for clothing and accessories and the bigger things like laptops computer. That is a must for any high school or college student. And it is a big item to get so you are going to want to make sure that you find that great deal out there…this is the site to find just that!

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Best Buy
Posted on 02.23.08 by solistentothis @

If you need to find the best buy for an item that you are looking for then you are going to want to go to They have a great selection of all sorts of things from books to electronics…you name it. And their site is very organized so you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for at the prices that are inviting and affordable. I have purchased many things from this site and have always been satisfied.

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Golf Clubs
Posted on 02.16.08 by solistentothis @

Do you like to golf? Right now for me it is a little too cold to even think about golfing! My uncle and my father in law just love to golf. I think that you either really like it and find it fun and relaxing or your just do not care for it all that much. But if you like it the you are probably always out looking for great golfing equipment and items like Nike golf clubs. The clubs that you play with can really make a difference in your game.

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Pen Gifts
Posted on 11.27.07 by solistentothis @

If you are looking for those custom pens then you are going to have to check out PensRUs because they have a great selection at the best prices. And perhaps this would be great for your business…maybe even as a fund raiser or nice corporate gifts…everyone appreciates a nice pen and everyone needs pens to write with. This is a very user friendly site also so you will have no problem finding that great pen or pens that you need.

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Read Up On
Posted on 11.23.07 by solistentothis @

If you need to read up on the merchandise and the products that you are considering buying for this holiday season then you may just want to think about checking out the site Krillion. They have a very user friendly site where you can read up on the best and most popular pducts and find them at a price that you can actually afford. If you are thinking about getting that phillips HDTV for your boyfriend then you want to make sure that you get the right one to really impress him. Imagine the look on his face…and he thought that you didn’t know anything about electronics!

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Your Online Store
Posted on 10.23.07 by solistentothis @


Do you have an online business that you would like to make your permanent form of income? Even if you are not just starting out with your online business wouldn’t it be nice to make sure that your customers are repeat customers and that are fully happy and satisfied with the site you are offering to them?

The perfect solution is ecommerce software. You want to make sure that you have that great shopping cart software that will make your customers feel good about the secure check out at your site. You have the great products so why not the great software. Otherwise you may not get that repeat business or you may not get customers at all…and there goes all of your profits. The site Ashop Commerce can help you out with just this at a very low and affordable price…worth it considering how much you may gain!

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Metal Buildings For Your Community
Posted on 10.10.07 by solistentothis @


Here is a great site that has all the Metal Buildings that you could possible want. Ace Metal Buildings has just so many buildings to offer at the best prices and the best quality buildings that you can possibility image.

This company is located at 3345 ANTON STREET, EIGHT MILE, AL 36613 and there is a toll free number that you can call someone to talk to at 1-877-585-8559. If you are looking for that new business building, barn, church or school in your town then you are going to have to check out this site. It is very user friendly and has lot of information to offer you. And the prices could literally save you 1000’s of dollars. And when it comes to saving money when you are talking about $1000’s in a mortgage to be saved over times that could triple in savings. And they have great warranties also such as a 30 Year Warranty on Colored Panels, a Lifetime Warranty on Screws and even a 1 Year Warranty on Roll-up doors. Check out this site for the best building out there to be built!

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The Tennis Channel
Posted on 10.09.07 by solistentothis @


There are many different TV stations out there and if you love football then you watch the football channel…well now if you love to watch that great game of tennis there is a Tennis channel out their for you too now. it is a cable TV channel that has 24/7 tennis coverage and is available in many locations.

They also have a great website that you can go to also so that you can see what they have on their network at the moment. And you can see what will be up and coming. I personally, love to play tennis and I find it very relaxing to watch. I usually find sports to be stressful but golf and tennis I just find to sit there and watch it without having that stress like a baseball or football game sometimes gives me. This would be a nice addition to your cable television stations. Why not get all of the great sporting stations out there that are available to your – that way you can have your pick and you will always have some sort of great sporting event on to watch regardless of the season, day or even time. Check out the site for more information on it and what they have to offer you.

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Posted on 10.08.07 by solistentothis @

If you are looking for a great selection of lamps then you are going to want to check out They have 1000’s of lamps like table lamps, floor lamps, task lamps, reading lamps, piano lamps and torchieres to just name a very few. And they not only have a great selection but they have many styles and known manufacturers to choose from too.

They have the lowest prices around also and their online site has a great and simple search tool so that you can find that exact lamp that you are looking for. Check out this site if you are thinking about redecorating or you just need a change in the look of your rooms.

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Read Reviews
Posted on 10.04.07 by solistentothis @

I just like reading reviews of items that I am interested in purchasing. At Trust Source you will find great reviews on a variety or things. And they are all written by people that have used the products that you are looking into buying. I think this is the best way to see if a product is really good. I will not buy a product or item that has bad reviews…what is the point becuase yours will probably not be any better than the person or people that gave it terrible reviews. Whether it is products like provillus or a product like nicocure you will get the reviews you need in order to make a decision on your purchase. And feel free to rate it also or even write a review if you have used the product…that way you can help out others make the right decision also!

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Posted on 09.26.07 by solistentothis @

If you ask me books make for the nicest gift for all occasions. And I think it is so nice when a child gets a book. Find get them that stuffed animal and outfit but throw in a nice book too. You can never have enough books and it really does make you smarter or at least more focused. And has a great book selection at awesome prices…something to keep in mind for gift ideas this holiday season.

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Model Rocket
Posted on 09.11.07 by solistentothis @

So you like to work with models like a model rocket, airplane or car? This is a great hobby to take up especially if you like working with your hands. It is a lot of hard work soemtiems too but the results are incredible. Not to mention that this can make for a great hobby for a young boy or girl too. The hobby Warehouse has all of you model and hobbying needs. They have a great seceltion on a very user friendly website. If you know a hobbiest direct them to this site and think of this for great gifts too!

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Cabinet Hardware
Posted on 09.11.07 by solistentothis @

Are you need for some new cabinet hardware? If so then you will want to check out Knobs an Hardware because they have a great selection at relaly great prices. I think that the little things in a home can really make the difference. It is the conversational pieces like drawer knobs that catch peoples attention and really brighten up the room putting your own personality to it. Check them out if you are redecorating or just need a change in decor a little.

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