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Romantic Evenings….
Posted on 03.04.09 by solistentothis @

If you want to keep him then you have to make sure that you don’t forget their needs. Lets face it…men have needs and they will stray and wander even if they are faithful they are always thinking and I don’t care what you say! You have to every once in a while spice it up. Do something unexpected and be sure to get that new piece of lingerie. Know what he likes and make an attempt to make him happy! And it goes both ways!

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Posted on 01.28.09 by solistentothis @

I think that all relationships need that time where they just sit down and talk. Talk about nothing even…just talk. Sure it is nice to watch tv together but sometimes you just need conversation. Especially if you spend your days with little children. You need that adult conversation even if you spouse is more that like kid 🙂 I personally, need to at the end of the day sit with my husband and just relax and talk about anything other than webkinz or kid shows!

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People In High Places
Posted on 11.05.08 by solistentothis @

I do not trust most people in high places. And I think that the majority of them cheat on their spouses. Regardless if it is a female or a male…once they get to the top they forget about the people that helped them get there and they go off to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. In many cases it is not. That is just my thoughts and opinions though. I have always been very insecure about things like this which is maybe why I am always thinking about this.

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Pushing It
Posted on 10.28.08 by solistentothis @

I think that men and women just can not be friends…my husband thinks that they can be friends only if they have already slept together and now they are like Jerry and Elaine were on Seinfeld. But if you remember right….Jerry and Elaine wanted “this and that” so I am sticking with my first thoughts that even if you are the best of friends…sex is always in the picture and in the guys mind especially. Married men can not have female friends and visa – versa.

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Talking to My Husband
Posted on 10.21.08 by solistentothis @

So i was talking to my husband about why men cheat and he agreed with the fact that most guys cheat with people in the office. In fact he knows one guy in his office that has cheated while on the road. Which is very upsetting to me. I know most of the people in his office but all it takes is one new female in the office to create and uproar!

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Meat Pie
Posted on 10.20.08 by solistentothis @

It is just that time of year to have certain things like stuffing and cranberry sauce and meat pie. My husband just loves meat pie and I hate it but I got one for him and he was very glad that I did. My memere has a recipe that everyone always loved for meat pie so I have to get it so that I can make it for him sometime.

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My Wife Never Shuts Up!
Posted on 10.17.08 by solistentothis @

My wife just never shuts up and she just doesn’t get the hint – do I just tell her that I am not interested in what she is saying?

If you want your meals to be still cooked and your clothes washed then no I would not recommend that tactic. If you can not put up with your wife’s rambling then you should have though about that before you married her. I am sure that she was like this before you got married but for some strange reason that was OK with you then? Why is it that guys “put up” with every thing before they are married to their wives but literally the night of their honeymoon things all of a sudden suddenly drive them crazy. Suck it up and listen…that is the least you can do!

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Get The Girl
Posted on 11.06.07 by solistentothis @

Every guy has at one point or another tried to find that magical and mysterious way to attract a woman… or how to get a girlfriend. And they have found many answers I am sure like flirting body language or being that cocky funny guy at the party that everyone wants to be around…but is that enough…is that enough to get the girl of your dreams for more than one night…a good time or a casual on and off fling? The Modern Man has always been a source, a referance and a resource for men to get the information that they need. Sometimes it help and other times it doesn’t…it is a hit or miss sort of thing and it solely depends on the man trying to implement what is being talked about.

The Modern man is a very user friendly site that is very well organized and easy to navigate around so that you can find exactly what you need. This would just possibly be your guide to success when it comes to dating women. They have great articles that are very well written to read up on as well as seminars, courses and even ebooks that you can get to learn more. Sometimes knowledge is the key and that does not only apply to things like math and science because some may consider dating and women to be a unique science one needs to research and learn more about.

This site has apparently been quite successful and helpful with m any men out their that use to be single and are now not single because of this site and the tips and advice it had to offer to them. Be sure to read up on the testimonials of their past readers that have had great success stories when it comes to finding the girl, meeting the girl and actually keeping the girl! At this site you can get a great preview of what you would be getting with their specials…books and and courses. For example…the nice guy never gets the girl…is it really something that is true…

And of course there are great articles and advice on what every guy wants to know .. how to kiss the girl. Some of this may be very obvious but overlooked or just simply forgaotten about so to actually read it in print may help make it stick. learn how to pick up that girl…good pick up lines that are fun and funny rather than being stupid, corny and just down right insulting. This is a great site for any man to read up on…and if you already have the girl read up on this so that you will not lose the girl to someone out their that has read up on this and knows how to get the girl…even if she is already taken!

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My Boss Is Always Hitting On Me….
Posted on 05.20.07 by solistentothis @

My boss is gross and weird and has been hitting on me and I have tried to ignore it but I just can not anymore – should I tell someone?

You most definately tell someone and right away. You do not want this to go on to long because things if not already could definately get very strange and weird in the office. I would go about your daily work day and if you feel comfortable enough say something to him…or bring in your good friend to pose as your boyfriend…send yourself flowers perhaps 🙂

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Fair Weather Friends
Posted on 04.09.07 by solistentothis @

My good friend is a fair weather friend…she will be friends with you want it benefits her the most and it is beginning to get to me … do I say something to her?

Well, you could say something to her but think about how she would react and her personality. Or she can be your fair weather friend and just accept that sort of friendship that you will always have whether you tell her or not.

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Dating Problems…
Posted on 04.02.07 by solistentothis @

I have been dating this person for 10 years and we have been engaged for 2 years…she will not set a date for our marriage what should I do?

Well, the fact that she is not setting a date means that she is in down of what she wants to do with the relationship and her life. If you push her and get angry and give ultimatums then you will push her away forever. If you say you want a break because you think that will help…you may also lose her. If you love her and this is the woman you want to be with then let her take her time if this is the only issue you have with her. If you do not want to wait then break it off but you may regret it later in life.

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