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Posted on 08.01.15 by solistentothis @

To all those guitar lovers out there…it is time to check out charvel guitars at Musician’s Friend and for all those people that know guitar lovers…then this would make for an amazing gift for them. Why not get a really nice brand of guitar for that person because you know that they would absolutely love it. Guitars are totally addictive and this one is a great one to add to your collection. People that play guitars always welcome a new one in their guitar family.

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Fender Guitar
Posted on 03.15.14 by solistentothis @

My husband plays the guitar and he has a Gibson guitars – a Les Paul. He also has a fender and a classical guitar since he is trained in classical guitar. But he loves to play the classics and the pop music even though I prefer the classical. We got a pink fender for my niece but she really had no interest in learning the guitar. But I have a friend that recently became interested in learning the guitar so, we let her borrow the pink fender. So far she is really enjoying it. I personally would love to learn how to play the guitar and there are guitars here but I need a left handed guitar. I started to learn years ago but the teacher insisted that I learn with the right hand which is ridiculous and I just go so discouraged and turned off by the whole thing that I never tried again. Maybe it is time to pick it up again and see what I can do with it.

I think that 90% of boys think about learning how to play that guitar – and there are lots of programs out there today that can teach you the basics. But the first thing to get is the guitar and you need to get a good guitar. The kind of instrument that you get can make all the difference in the world – the better it plays…they better you will sound and the more you will like it.

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Classical Music
Posted on 02.10.14 by solistentothis @

I am a big fan of classical music. I just love to listen to it. It is relaxing and enjoyable. I like the light pop music don’t get me wrong but I thin that more people should be exposed to the beauty of classical music. I don’t think that people truly appreciate it because they never really have experienced it in a way that would make that enjoy and just love it. Perhaps going to the live orchestra concert or an opera would change your mind. You would be surprised how many people realized the beauty of classical music after years of not listening to it. And it is just fun to dress up to go to a classical concert…so many designer shoes and replica designer handbags in your closets to choose from!

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On Stage Keyboard
Posted on 03.22.13 by solistentothis @

If you have a keyboard then you need to check out the on stage keyboard stand at guitar center. Many people start out their children playing that keyboard rather than going out and spending a small fortune on a piano that they may not even have the room for. So, they get a keyboard but you need to be sure that you have a good and sturdy keyboard whether it is for the stage you will be playing on or just in your room practicing. You don’t want to chance having your new keyboard fall over and break.

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