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Posted on 07.17.10 by solistentothis @

I really wish that I had hair that was not so curly and wavy. If you have bangs and it is a warm summer day or you get your hair wet you will end up with super frizzy hair and it will not look nearly as good as it did when you straightened them. And the humid weather really does a number on your hair expecially if you have curly hair naturally.

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Healthy Maple Syrup
Posted on 07.02.10 by solistentothis @

I am slowly but surely changing over all my bad habits, foods and products. I do not have any toxic products in my home – I have cleaned out all my cleansers and beauty aids. Once you read how things are so terrible for you you just can not justify going back to them let alone give them to your kids. And after reading that maple syrup is so good for you…I am going to be getting the good stuff. I will have to sacrifice other things so that I can start eating healthier!

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Get Rid Of Dark Circles!
Posted on 03.26.10 by solistentothis @

So you always look as though you haven’t slept in the last week. Here are some quick tips to get rid of that black eye look…
1. Sleep with your head elevated
2. Reduce your chocolate intake
3. Drink Lots of Water
4. Try a cucumber or potato compress
5. Put some Preperation H under your eyes – this really does work!

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Posted on 02.25.10 by solistentothis @

At my daughters 4 month check up her doctor noticed that her hips were asymmetrical… So the next day we were at the Childrens Hospital getting an ultrasound for Developmental Dysplasia of the HIP (DHH). Luckily everything turned out OK but I decided to do a little research.
The cause of this is not really known – some say hereditary and others may say breech birth or C-section. In my case my daughters hips were asymmetrical and one leg was slightly longer than the other, he wasn’t too concern but as a precaution he just wanted to get the testing done.

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Christmas Eve
Posted on 12.24.09 by solistentothis @

I remember opening one present on christmas eve…and I also remember going to my grandparents ever year. And then I would go to my other grandparents on christmas day. I love that because we would always have shrimp cocktail…it was so delicious and I do not have all that much of shrimp so I reall looked forward to it.

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Posted on 12.24.09 by solistentothis @

When it comes to finding those patient assistance programs of course you want to do your research. My mother has been looking into one for my grandparents. They are pushing 90 and they are going strong however they are not as quick and as sharp as they were even just 10 years ago so something like this would just be perfect for them. But the hard part is to find a reputable program that is going to meet all of your needs…lots of research and calls that is for sure.

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Missed My Show
Posted on 11.16.09 by solistentothis @

So, I had around 8 louads of wash to do today because I got my great christmas gift…a new washing machine. So, I was going to watch the last 15 minutes of Days of our Lives but I get no help what so ever so I had to put it on stupid Yo gabba gabba just to keep the kids entertained so I could make the lunch. And I am still not done with everything!

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Posted on 11.12.09 by solistentothis @

If you are looking to create and indoor garden then you are going to need some grow lights. By starting yoru own garden you will be able to have healthy food all year round and you will not have to worry about where it was coming from and all the pesticides that it may have on it. And you can get grow lights right online at a really low prices. And these grow lights are also great for flowering as well. Why spend money on fruits and veggies when you can just grow your own and they are so much better for you!

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Plant a Tree
Posted on 11.07.09 by solistentothis @

I got my husbands memere trees for christmas. Sure they are babies but they will grow and look lovely someday. Personally, I love to plant new trees. And there are so many beautiful trees out there but yo uhave to make sure that you get the trees that are going to work the best in your area of the world.

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My Husband!
Posted on 10.12.09 by solistentothis @

So my sister in law is having a c-section tomorrow…does my husband – her brother – call to wish her good luck….no! I think that is alittle horrible. After I asked if he had called her – he wrote good luck tomorrow on her facebook page. I mean that is just so lame. This is a major operation regardless of how routine it is. My brother even called me before i had my child via c-section. It is a courtesy call family just does.

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Intrusive People
Posted on 10.05.09 by solistentothis @

Wow! Some people just over stay their welcome and are very intrusive. And they will bring their kids that are clearly undiciplined and that is just wrong right there. And when someone invites you somewhere – sometimes it is just a nice gesture and you really should not actually show up and go to the family birthday party of a child that you do not know.

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Posted on 09.27.09 by solistentothis @

I have never been one to listen to the news or anything that was politically related but this administration and Obama are horrible. I think that he is a complete idiot. Things like mandatory vaccinations and school year round…there is a war going on asshole! And just because you don’t see your kids ever…doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see mine and to extend the year and the hours per day would mean just that!

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Posted on 09.14.09 by solistentothis @

My husband is just so ungrateful…after all the things that I do that he takes for granted…I move his shoes on the porch because I am cleaning and he gets pissed….screw you. It drives me crazy that someone can be so ungrateful and lazy only takes note in what I “do wrong”. If he doesn’t put his shoes away then I will because I am the one cleaning and vacuuming the floors. So lazy…how quickly they forget all that we do for them and the family!

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Posted on 08.23.09 by solistentothis @

Sisters have that unique bond. I am close to my sister…especially now that we are all grown up and I really hope that my girls are close because there is nothing like a sister. I mean friends are great to have but there is no comparison when you have that sister. There is a bond there that is just so much more than friendship. I am very glad that I had 2 girls because someday they may need each other…I know that I need my sister quite a bit!

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Posted on 07.09.09 by solistentothis @

Why is it when a child gets sick in the car…the dad gets upset at the mom. Like it is the mom’s fault that the child had car sickness. Meanwhile she is back there cleaning up and consoling and the dad is not even going to pull over but just opens the windows. So now there is wind blowing everywhere and he is swearing…..real nice dads.

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Adorable Birth Announcements
Posted on 06.03.09 by solistentothis @


When you have that baby the first thing you probably would like to do is tell the world! And you want to make sure that you get that adorable picture of your newborn and put it on those birth announcements so everyone can see that you have the most adorable baby in the world 🙂 Pear Tree Greetings is a great site to check out if you just had a baby or if you are expecting a baby in the near future. They also have nice baby shower thank you cards too…make sure that you don’t forget to send out the thank you cards!

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Posted on 04.08.09 by solistentothis @


If you are a pet owner then you know how important your pets are. And most pet owners treat their pets better than they do their children! A healthy pet really is a happy pet and when you see that you pet is not feeling all that well you want to be sure to bring them to the vet and get them that medicine that is going to help them. But why over pay for something that you can get online…why pay for a prescription or Rimadyl when you can just go online to 1800petmeds. My mother has used this site for her dogs and she has never had a problem with them. Great products and customer service.

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Spending Time
Posted on 04.06.09 by solistentothis @

I think that it is just so important to spend that time with your family. Your chores and your work can take that 10 minute break. It is important to play that game with your child or have that meal with your spouse. You can not always be doing things like work and housework. Not only is it exhausting but you are working your life away…who cares if the house is a little out of order.

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My Dog May Have Cancer
Posted on 04.02.09 by solistentothis @

My dog may have cancer and I am freaking out!

Do worry yet. There is no sence in getting yourself upset and sick over this until you know for sure. And even then you have to listen and ask you vet many questions because it maybe very treatable. It is important to just remain calm and try not to worry.

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My Daughter Came Home and Someone Hit Her….
Posted on 04.01.09 by solistentothis @

My daughter came home yesterday and told me that some boy hit her on the bus…what should I do?

Well, being a mom myself I know that you blood must be boiling because how dare some kid hit your baby…however lets think this through. You do not want to do anything to embarrass your child but you want to make sure something is done or said. I would first talk to the bus driver and then I would have it on record that you had talked to the principal just in case this boy hits her again.

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Too Young and Too Old
Posted on 03.11.09 by solistentothis @

When I was 19 I wouldn’t even think about dating a 43 year old man…my dad was only 39 when I was 19 – that would have been weird! My cousin was 19 and was dating a 42 year old that thought it would be too weird to ask her to marry her so he waited until her 20th birthday because I guess that sounds better. So gross….that is just so wrong on so many levels and the thing is that this guy is not good looking, not nice at all and doesn’t have any money. I really don’t get the whole thing at all!

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Soaps Not Like Life?
Posted on 03.11.09 by solistentothis @

I think that sometimes life is more like soaps. Sure soap operas are exaggerated and sometimes just plain ridiculous but that is why they are rather funny even though they are suppose to be serious. My cousins have a sort of soap opera exaggerated lifestyle. They are drama queens and I love hearing the stories because they are just as stupid as soap plots!

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Posted on 02.21.09 by solistentothis @

There are somethings that you just can not get rid of…..there blanket. When children have that blanket then you just have to keep it forever it seems. It is a sense of security even if they just sleep with it at night. I had a blanket and my mom got rid of it when I was around 11 and I was just devistated. I loved that blanket and I slept with it every night…I would still have it today if she didn’t get rid of it.

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Gifts For Mom
Posted on 02.10.09 by solistentothis @

When it comes to baby showers there is just so much that has to go into planning it. I know because I am in the process of planning one. And it is not just getting the place but it is picking the baby shower games and getting the cake and getting the favors…all the little things that you don’t think of until you are actually planning one! And then there is the gift that you have to get that mom to be and personally, I like to get something for the mom. And what mom would not just love to get something for herself. I was checking out the silver lockets and I think that would just make for the nicest gift for that mom to be. A nice locket to put a picture of that precious newborn in!

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Going Out
Posted on 01.14.09 by solistentothis @

Going out to eat with your family is a great way to spend time together. It is just night to go places as a family no matter how old or young your children are. There is always an excuse not to do things together but there feealy is no good excuse. If you want to have a family that is close and htat enjoys each others company then you have to start to do things together….a great new years resolution.

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