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Cell Phone Amplifiers
Posted on 12.30.16 by solistentothis @

I don’t know about you but I have had great cell phones and not so great cell phones and the not so great ones are the ones where you turn the volume all the way up and your still can not hear a thing. And of course these are the free cell phones that you are roped into. There are cell phone amplifiers that you can get now that are just incredible. Check out Powerful Signal…they have great cell phone products that will make your cell phones experiences a lot better.

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Saving Up
Posted on 02.05.13 by solistentothis @

My husband has come to like Espressos so I figured this would make for a great Valentine’s gift this year but they can be pricey so I want to start looking now so I can start saving up for them. My husband loves coffee and liked cappuccino’s for a while but now his new thing is the espresso and I know that he would just love one in the kitchen this year!

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Turn off the Technology
Posted on 07.29.12 by solistentothis @

Ok – enough is enough. It is just weird when you start seeing commercials with very little kids using and talking about all the technology out there that is going to make things better….it is causing major diseases and health problems for one with all the cell towers. And to have kids promote it is pathetic. Of course people don’t see it that way but it is a little disturbing. Forget the technology and go out and play!

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Long HDMI Cables
Posted on 06.19.12 by solistentothis @

I just don’t understant why certain electronics don’t come with long hdmi cables. So many times I have gotten things that require certain cables and you just assume that they come with them because otherwise you can not use the item…but you open the box and there is nothing. So, you have to go online and order one or order a better one because they always give you the cables that are going to make things sound and look horrible and if you just bought that new TV…you want to have a good cable.

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Posted on 09.18.11 by solistentothis @

My husband loves to get speakers for his computer and his tv…you name it and he has a speaker system that has to have that great subwoofer. Now, personally, I really don’t hear the subtle difference in speakers even though he does but I do have to agree that if you have a good subwoofer it really can make a huge difference in the sound and the sound quality. I don’t really care much for this sort of stuff but he needs to have good sound on his electronics.

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Apple Store Coupons
Posted on 08.10.11 by solistentothis @

I am always getting things at the wrong time because it always seems that after I get something I will find those apple store coupons that I could have used. They don’t have a lot of coupons out there but when they do have a coupon available they are usually quite good. And I was reading up somewhere that the new iphone 5 is going to be coming out in the fall…I guess it is going to have a really great camera in it now too. So, that will be exciting for the people that can afford it….what is better is that the older versions will be coming down in price dramatically…that is what I am looking forward too!

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iPod Nano
Posted on 01.10.11 by solistentothis @

So many people have that ipod product whether it is an ipod nano, iphone, ipad, ipod…there are so many things out there and they are all so cool. Who would have thought that you could be hours and hours of tapes and songs onto one little device. It is really incredible and it is just so convenient to be able to do that. Technology is in many cases a huge burden but this is one that you can actually use. Everyone listens to music…now there is a convenient way to store it all without all the clutter.

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HTC Desire Reviews
Posted on 11.22.10 by solistentothis @

Before you go out and get that new phone you are going to want to read up on the htc desire reviews. It just makes sense to read up on the products that you are thinking about buying. There are so many things out there too especially when it comes to phones. Not all phones have the same features though so you need to read up on the one that is going to meet all of your phone needs. My husband is very particular about his phone so he is one that should always read up!

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Remote Backup Service
Posted on 09.03.10 by solistentothis @

You just never know when you will need that remote backup service. It is good to know that your valuable information and data is safe in case something crashes or gets corrupted. This way you can rest assure that your data is safe and this is great for businesses obviously, but it can also be great for personal use. Many people store all of their videos and pictures right on their computer that are extremely valuable to them. So you want to be sure to protect them and a backup service is a great option.

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Scanner Software
Posted on 09.02.10 by solistentothis @

Even if you do not have an office you need to have that scanner software. Everyone should have a scanner in their home because they are great for pictures. And they are great to have if you have children that are in school. You just never know what kind of crazy projects that they are going to come home with where you would need a scanner or a scanner would just come in so handy. And they are really not all that expensive anymore either.

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Posted on 07.22.10 by solistentothis @

If you like to go bird watching then you need a great binocular. It can make a huge difference in what you are seeing. My mother loves to go bird watching and especially in the fall. She likes to find the nexting grounds of eagles and watch them. But she also likes to watch the humming birds in her back yard around the hummingbird feeder. It is nice to have that hobby and this is such a relaxing and low cost hobby. Bird watching is a great way to spend an afternoon.

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Acer Aspire
Posted on 04.11.10 by solistentothis @

it is time to get a new notebook or laptop…I have been looking at the MAC computers but there there are the Acer Aspire pc computers that are just so affordable which makes it very appearling since I am on that budget as many people are on that budget. All I know is that my computer is just not working right for me anymore and it is so incredibly slow that I can hardly use it! Time for a new one.

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Online Backup
Posted on 11.29.09 by solistentothis @

If you are on the computer a lot and especially if you have a business that rely’s solely on your computer then you are going to want to make sure that you have some sort of online backup system. It can be frustrating and even devistating to all of a sudden lose everything that you have been working on for the day. But imagine losing your entire database that you have had for the past 2 years. You could lose your entire business this way and online backups are so easy to get.

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Pink Phone
Posted on 11.18.09 by solistentothis @


So, I have been looking for a great cordless pink phone for years and I finally found one that Panasonic makes and they are all out and currently unavailable. I am so bummed because this one also had an answering machine to it which is exactly what I needed. I can not believe that I didn’t find it before!

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Bluray DVD Players
Posted on 11.17.09 by solistentothis @

Looking for those holidays gifts….I still can not believe that the holidays are here and it is already time to shop again! So, I am thinking about things to get for people and electronics is just sometimes the way to go. And if you wait long enough things really do come down in prices so that they are actually affordable for the regular person that is not making a fortune but would like to get someone something nice and the Bluray dvd players are looking mighty good for a gift.

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Will Not Be Buying from Best Buy
Posted on 11.10.09 by solistentothis @

I went to order a washing machine online because mine broke – So I went to best buy because they had one that was on sale that had good reviews. First they don’t have the hose accessories needed for installation. Then I can not set up a delivery date. So, I call and they said they would call back…never did. Then I go on because the site seems to be fixed and my free shipping is $70 – screw that! I’m going elsewhere!

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Washing Electronics
Posted on 10.20.09 by solistentothis @

You never want to put and electronic device in the washing machine…it will just break it! I did this with my phone! I actually did this with my phone a few years ago and I took it apart and let it dry and it worked perfectly fine. But now they have phones that you can not open up at all. And the iphone does not do good in the washing machine at all…it was very upseting.

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Iphone Apps
Posted on 09.02.09 by solistentothis @

Out of all the Apps that the iphone has you would think that they would have and be able to support flash…it is crazy… I mean there could be so much more that we could do with that phone if they just came out with this. Because right now if you go on a website that requires that you can not do anything which really stinks!

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Seo Software
Posted on 09.02.09 by solistentothis @


If you have a business then you should really look into getting some seo software. It really can do wonders for your business. The competition is just so fierce out there because of all the big time company’s so if you are the little fish in the ocean then you really have to be prepared to fight and compete against the big guys. And you can have the best products out there and the best prices but if now one knows that you are out there then you will just never get any business and you will not get any products as well. Unless you are a SEO expert … and many business owners are not…then you need good help to survive!

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Posted on 09.01.09 by solistentothis @

When it comes to shopping I am an online shopper. I just love to shop online because it is just so convenient to do and you can great really great prices and super deals online without having to go out to the stores and waste you gas money in getting there.

And now is the time ot get all of those school items like those laptops. Every highschool and college student needs a good and reliable laptop to do their homework on. But you want to make sure that you do your price comparison shopping. That is what is so nice about shopping online. It is just so easy to find that great deal and the best deal out there without having to shop from place to place. In my opinion all students these days need great laptop computers and/or netbooks

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Posted on 06.26.09 by solistentothis @


There are so many places to go online and get ipods that are at really reasonable prices now. And the thing is that every time they come out with a new ipod the generation before it goes down around $200! And once you have a ipod…you can not go anywhere with out it. My husband has his ipod with him all thet time. And if he doesn’t take it with him he is so upset. I personally can not believe how many songs a little thing like that can hold…not to mention videos and pictures!

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Posted on 05.20.09 by solistentothis @

Who would people just rendomly hack into peoples accoounts when it comes to blogs…I mean really…don’t they have better things to do. Why would someone waste there time doing this? And I am pissed off because I have been on customer service for hours because of this and they can not help me at all. I hate this…because this is just plain stupid.

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Posted on 04.01.09 by solistentothis @

My husband wants to get another computer but I keep on telling him that the computer is just find he just has to buy computer memory. The computer is not all that old to begin with and there is nothing wrong with it what so ever. And getting extra computer member could not be easier these days. It does not take a highly trained technician to do this and you can get it right online at a fraction of the cost compared to getting a new computer. Who has the money to buy a new computer! But I do have money to upgrade my memory 🙂

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Posted on 01.21.09 by solistentothis @

Have you ever heard of the Slingbox? This is really cool. This thing will let you watch and even control your TV source from anywhere on yoru laptop or even your mobile phone. That means that you can watch your home tv programs any where you want and that is so cool and there are no monthly fees. So if you are going away and have that local tv show that you would like to see now you can even though you are out of the state or even the country!

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Flash Memory
Posted on 12.27.08 by solistentothis @

So how many people got that great new camera this Christmas and it did not come with a memory card? I did, I did!!! Luckily my husband thought about it and got me one but that is very frustrating when you get something and then have to go on out and get something more for it. That is why I just love the internet. I just order basically everything that I want or need right online. It is just so much better than having to fight the crowds especially now…with all the returning crowds…just go to the flash memory store and order what you nee there.

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