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Day Spa in Huntington Beach Certificates
Posted on 04.13.17 by solistentothis @

I just got my sister a gift certificate to go to a day spa…what a great gift for the holidays. And the day spa in Huntington beach is just incredible. They have fabulous products and great services. I had never gotton a massage before in my life and I had really bad back pains so I decided to try a massage therapist….it was so nice. I was so relax afterwards. My back felt great but I think it did more for my mind and whole body!

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Love Garlic
Posted on 06.30.11 by solistentothis @

My sister absolutely hates it when I eat garlic but the fact is that t is really a miracle food that just smells really really bad because of the sulfur in it.. It really can help with the wrinkles that you may have as well as sagging skin and stretch marks. But not only that it will help improve your overall health.

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Posted on 06.21.11 by solistentothis @

No one likes to have blemishes and other facial problems but by simply washing your face with an oil free and fregrance free cleanse you can really help out but be sure that it says it is pH halanced too. And definately you want to stay away from any product that has fragrance in it. They are usually most of the time very toxic and not good for you at all.

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GenF20 Reviews
Posted on 05.21.11 by solistentothis @

I would love to stay young looking for as long as I possibly can and I will do my best to make this happen. Sure that means that you eat the right foods and you live that healthy lifestyle but sometimes that is just not enough. And there are many products out there that can help you with that fountain of youth. But you need to do your reviews to find that product that will help you which is why you need to read up on those GenF20 reviews. I would love to even turn back the clocks just 15 years…now there is actually hope!

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HGH Supplements for Youth
Posted on 04.02.11 by solistentothis @

I have started to seriously look into the different hgh supplements that are out there. i have been trying everything over the past few months and I just woul dlike to turn back the clocks a few years and not get older looking for oh about 10 years. I would like to stay looking like this or perhaps a little younger for another 10 years…because this is the time in most men’s lives where they start looking for the younger girls…I don’t want to have to compete!

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Needed Back Acne Treatment
Posted on 03.28.11 by solistentothis @

People just assume that acne is just on the face but there are many people that suffer from back acne. And during the winter it may not be a problem however, in the summer people are more likely to be very self conscious about their back. So, you probably will need that good back acne treatment to help you out. And acne is not something that people in their teens get especially when it comes to back acne. People just want that flawless skin even though no one probably has that perfect skin.

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Posted on 02.25.11 by solistentothis @

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder … very true. But for many if not all people…they have to feel good about themselves and the way that they look. And sometimes that means taking those hgh supplements to help turn back time. Wrinkles are one of the things that females in their mid 30’s start to see and it makes them very upset because they see there youth now as a thing in the past…now with kids and a job and resposibilities. We all just want to look and feel young.

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Tooth Soap
Posted on 02.25.11 by solistentothis @

So, my daughter always gets cavities….we have been using tooth soap for around 7 months now and she went to her check up and no cavities. In fact the dentist was impressed that she had such a lack of tarter build up over the last few months. I told her – no flouride and just pure tooth soap!

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Best Acne Treatment
Posted on 01.16.11 by solistentothis @

Parents worry about their children and worry about them when they go to school. They not only want to make sure that they are safe but are also well liked and accepted by their peers. School can be very long and hard if this does not happen and the people that you encounter at that early ag will really contribute to how you turn out to be as an adult. So if they have little things like acne – help them find that best acne treatment out there so that they do not stand out among their peers…kids can be so cruel.

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Best Weighloss Pills
Posted on 01.16.11 by solistentothis @

I have been on a mission to lose a few pounds…I want to lose them in the right places though. And there are so many products out there that claim to be the Best weightloss pills. You just have to find that one that is going to best help you out. And you can not be discouraged if the first thing you try does not work. You have to keep in mind that we all are made differently so what may work for one may not for someone else. Drizzle a little apple cider vinegar on your salads – that can help out quite a bit as well.

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Acne Treatment Creams
Posted on 01.16.11 by solistentothis @

When it comes to acne treatment creams there are just so man out there to choose from. Here is the thing….people with acne will try just about anything to help get and keep their face clar from blemishes. And it really does not matter what your age is either. I had acne in my teenage years and I was very self conscious. I always thought people would be looking at my blemishes. And back then there were just a few on the market and they didn’t even work! Now you have a great selection to find one.

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Sea Salt
Posted on 12.23.10 by solistentothis @

There is nothing like taking that hot bath with sea salt….it is not only relaxing but it is just so good for your skin and not only that but it can also help to clean out the toxins in your body. And if you don’t have sea salt then why not take that bath in epsom salt and baking soda….very healthy.

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Your Hair
Posted on 12.07.10 by solistentothis @

If you have never had someone rub your scalp them you have to because it just feels incredible. Have someone rub your scalp before they rub your hair. You ae going to find that it is fabulous. I am always asking my husband to rub my hair but it is not just that they really have to massage your scalp – even for just 5 minutes it feels so nice.

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Posted on 12.06.10 by solistentothis @

I love tomatoes and they are really great for your skin because of the high vitamin content. However, they are terrible for my sisters skin. Some people can not take the acidity of a tomato and it causes them to break out. My sister can not even have tomato sauce without waking up with a little break out on her skin.

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Healthy Skin
Posted on 12.06.10 by solistentothis @

I think that most people want to have that healthy skin and there are so many ways that you can get that natural – just by getting pleenty of sleep and eatin glots of fruits and veggies and you watn to drink lots of water and you have to do this every day – not just when you feel like it.

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Enzyte Review
Posted on 11.30.10 by solistentothis @

Most people like to look good and actually feel better about themselves when they do think that they look good. Your appearance can actually give you a great self esteem which leads to the confidence you need to succeed in life and in love. There are many products out there that can help males out in their looks but you want to make sure that you read that enzyte review right online before you purchase products. No one has the extra time or money to waste on products that have been known not to work!

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Posted on 11.29.10 by solistentothis @

If you wear mascara then you want to be sure that you replace it every 2 or 3 months. Did you know that old mascara is full of germs that you really do not want to be putting germs on or near your eyes. Germs are terrible as it is but you do not want to put them near mucus areas like your eyes, nose and mouth because that is where illness begins!

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Posted on 11.29.10 by solistentothis @

People who have acne are usually very self conscious and they feel as though people are always looking at their flaws. I know this because I had acne while in high school. Since then it has cleared up very nicely but for a few years it was very difficult. And some people have acne all their life. Which is why it is great to know that there are products out there that actually work these days!

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Severe Acne
Posted on 11.28.10 by solistentothis @

I had a friend in high school that dated someone that had severe acne and although he had a great personality, was smart and very funny…he was lacking those picture perfect looks and he was very self conscious about his appearance even though he was rather popular and no one ever really teased him about it. No one wants to feel like everyone is looking at their flaws and that is what happens when someone has acne – they constantly think people are looking at that!

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Posted on 11.09.10 by solistentothis @

I love baby shampoos because they are much gentler to your hair and it will not strip your natural or your fake hair color as well. And if you get the ones with out any fragrance they are really so much better health wise as well. All the toxins that we put on our heads because of soaps seeps in our skin and our blood streams.

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Lipofuze Reviews
Posted on 11.04.10 by solistentothis @

When it comes to dieting there are many options out there and there are many products out there as well which is why you want to read up on the things like lipofuze reviews so that you can find out if it is something that is going to work for you. Dieting is I think the most difficult this time of year because of all the temptations starting with all the candy and then ending with all the meals, desserts, foods at the office and at the parties….no time to exercise because you have to make time to shop…the excuses just pile up! There is no excuse for not being healthy and that diet is your first step.

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Don’t Brush
Posted on 10.25.10 by solistentothis @

DO NOT brush or even comb your hair when it is wet because you will break it – you hair is very weak when it is weat and brushing it will be sure to damage it. So you spend all that money on expensive shampoos to help prevent breakage and then you go and break it by combing it out!

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Vitamin E
Posted on 10.25.10 by solistentothis @

Vitamin E is just so important if you would like to have that helathy and shiny hair. A great source of vitamin E is in the kiwi. These little fruits are just jammed pack with great vitamins and goodness that are so good for you. That one little fruit every morning can go a long way in your overall health.

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Acne Scar Cream
Posted on 10.25.10 by solistentothis @

If you have had acne in the past then you may have those acne scars which are almost worse than the acne because in your mind they will be there forever. But that is not the case because they really do have great acne scar cream out there on the market that will not cover up the problem but will actually heal your scars so that you will not see them anymore. The first thing you thing people notice about yourself are your flaws and if this is one of your flaws then now you can fix them so that you will not have to be self conscious about it anymore!

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Diet Pills
Posted on 10.20.10 by solistentothis @

When you are getting something you of course want to do your research so that you can get the best out there. My good friend has been on a diet for around a year now and she is starting to take diet pills because what she has tried has not worked for her and she feels as though this may help her. She is still eating right and is trying to exercise on the regular basis. She knows that these are not miracle pills but she feels as though they will help her to get to her weight loss goal.

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