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Swing Sets
Posted on 09.29.13 by solistentothis @

I think that all children should have access to swing sets whether it is in their yards or at the playgrounds. However, the closer it is the better in my opinion. And they are so much nicer these days and last so much longer. I remember going on the swingset in my backyard and we would always have that one leg that was not cemented in and we were always waiting for the entire swing set to tip completely over.

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Baby Cribs
Posted on 07.10.13 by solistentothis @

If you are looking for baby cribs then you have to check online – I have 2 cousins that just had a baby and that is one of the first things that you think about getting…as it should be! You want to make sure that you get a really great crib that will last for all the children that you may have. Do not just buy one that will last for 2 years and then falls apart when you can get really nice ones that last for all of your babies needs.

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Posted on 05.20.13 by solistentothis @

I don’t really want another baby at this time but when you know of people that are pregnant you sort of in a little way would wish that you were pregnant…even though I hate pregnancy…but it is almost just being about to say that you are pregnant…maybe it is the attention that you get. Although I didn’t get much attention anyways. But then there are the baby showers and the adorable personalized baby gifts and other items that you get. I don’t want to be pregnant but when I see my friend or cousin and see them i just kind of wish that I were pregnant. Maybe it is just a woman thing or and instinctual feeling…I don’t know but I don’t like the whole pregnancy personally.

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Personalized Blanket Gifts
Posted on 05.08.13 by solistentothis @

A perfect gift and keepsake are Photo Blankets. They are a unique and personalized way to remember special occasions and memories.

I can not think of anyone that would not love this for a gift. Picture Afghans are perfect for so many occasions. Weddings, anniversaries, or a graduation gift. You can put a picture for each year of the child’s life…sort of like a through the years memory blanket. Or perhaps get a personalized blanket for your good friend before they go off to college – sort of like a high school memento.

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Cutting Hair
Posted on 05.01.13 by solistentothis @

When it comes to very small children…it is ok to cut their hair and save a few dollors every other month trimming their hair and bangs. But once they are in 3rd or 4th grade…you really can not do that anymore. If you goof up on their bangs and I have done that before, the kids at school may say something. And if they are very sensitive they could really be upset about this.

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Tumeric Tea
Posted on 04.02.12 by solistentothis @

I never though I would like turmeric tea but it is just so good for you and it is not all that bad when it comes to taste either. A little bland but a little honey will go a long way when it comes to this tea. I would recommend it just because it just so good for you and prevent so many ailments from happening…simple things like keeping away that cold too.

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Fine Arts
Posted on 03.28.11 by solistentothis @

Children these days need to learn some sort of fine arts skill. It just makes them a more rounded person. Whether it is art, theater, a musical instrument…anything that can open up a side of them that can not normally be seen in school or at home. You will be surprise at how many kids shine on that stage!

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Why We Love Yo, Gaba Gaba
Posted on 01.10.11 by solistentothis @

Why we love Yo, Gaba Gaba

Written by my friend Judson Kelly

Yo, Gaba Gaba is my favorite children’s educational show, which we watch on Satellite TV. My four year old loves the rousting music and the dancing. I love that she is learning about sharing, being a good friend, brushing her teeth and other basic moral issues. Her favorite character is a little striped green guy named Brobee. He is shorter than all the rest and has long arms, but he is cute and dances around with the rest of the characters.

The show starts out with the characters froze in motion and then DJ Lance Rock shouts out “Yo, Gaba Gaba!” All the characters come alive and start to dance, sing and run around to the theme song. The five major characters are Plex, Muno, Foofa, Toodee and Brobee.

Every show begins with a new theme. All the show segments then revolve around this theme. The kids are encouraged to do silly funny things like make funny faces, do some cool tricks, play pretend or listen to different sounds to guess at what they are.

Always a special guest visits. They usually will show up in the “Dancey Dance Time”, and then break out with a new dance for the kids to learn. My little girl loves this and will spring up from her chair and prance around with the music.

Yo, Gaba Gaba is a great educational show that is fun to watch with your children.

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Posted on 01.02.11 by solistentothis @

Playing with your kids can be quite exhausting especially when you know there are usually a million other things that you should be doing like cleaning and fixing and cooking and laundry….and then there are things that you would rather be doing like napping or watching a movie. But playing with you kids is so rewarding and your kids do appreciate it even if they can not say that.

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Posted on 12.15.10 by solistentothis @

If you have children then you have to check out the illustory kits they have out there. They are just so nice for kids to do and they make for great gifts. It is a great idea to have your kids make that special book for grandma an it really looks like a book with the about the author page and everything. Or perhaps make a custom made calendar for someone!

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Halloween Safety
Posted on 10.26.10 by solistentothis @

It is time to make sure that your kids are prepared for halloween and that means making sure that they know proper halloween safety. Get the glow lights and you want to make sure that they are dressed so that people can see them and walk on the sidewalks not on the road.

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Posted on 09.20.10 by solistentothis @

Isn’t funny how when you see a cute little baby you suddenly get the feeling like you want to have a baby .. but then you think about it a little and you really do not want to go through the 9 months of pregnancy again. But you would like to have that little baby…but not wake up in the middle of the night 🙂

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Posted on 09.20.10 by solistentothis @

I can not believe how fast children grow up. I know someone that has a 19 year old – she had him when she was 16 and she just had her second child yesterday – now that is like starting all over again. But they grow up so quick – enjoy them while they are young because time really doesn’t stop for you.

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Future Height
Posted on 09.15.10 by solistentothis @

Did you know that between the ages of 2 and 5 your child will grow on the average of around 2 1/1 inches each year and gain 4 to 5 pounds. Always ask your child’s doctor to see if they are on schedule with the rest of the people in their age bracket.

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Meet the Sight Words
Posted on 08.20.10 by solistentothis @

If you have a preschooler then this is a great set of dvd’s to get. It will not teach you how to read but introduce and help you memorize those very important sight words that are just read on sight. It is a great program and oddly enough very entertaining for the little ones. A great gift for a 3-5 year old.

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Too Heavy
Posted on 08.13.10 by solistentothis @

it is kind of a sad day when you realize that you really can not give piggybacks or pick up your child because they are getting so big and growing up. It is a realization momen that time goes by too quickly and to enjoy your kids because they will not be little forever that is for sure!

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Sleep Balm
Posted on 07.30.10 by solistentothis @

I have been having a lot of trouble getting to sleep lately. I have found that lavender sleep balm by badger has done so much to help my sleep. I don’t know if it is in my head or the lavendar is really helping but I like it. And it just smells really nice too. It safe for children as well. Children need to have a good night sleep every single night and routine is important for them.

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Surprise Birthday Party
Posted on 07.20.10 by solistentothis @

If you really want to surprise your kid with a surprise birthday party then you should throw them a party 1-2 months before their actual birthday! That will be a real surprise. And if you have a child that has the birtyday around when kids are starting to go back to school…why not throw them a pool party or a party that is in the summer! What a great idea!

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Swimming Lessons
Posted on 07.02.10 by solistentothis @

There are some things that I think all children should learn how to do and swimming lessons is one of them. Even if you do not have a pool right now there may come a time when you kid will want to go swimming and wouldn’t you feel much better if they actually knew how to swim. When they are 15 years old you can not be going with them with their friends when they go to the lake or the pool and you want to feel better that they know how to swim and swim well.

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Children and Fireworks
Posted on 05.31.10 by solistentothis @

My daughter just loves fireworks and she is not afraid of them but she hates the loud noises which must be inherited because I can not stand too close to the fireworks. I just think that the loud noise if you are too close just really ruin the beautiful fireworks in the sky. I think all the senses work together and if one ruins it it will ruin the experience for all the other senses.

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Clock Dominoes
Posted on 04.13.10 by solistentothis @

A great way to teach kids how to tell time is Clock Dominoes. It is a game for ages 7-12. Contains 3 levels of play. There are 45 dominoes covering hour, half hour, and quarter hour. Use written time, clock faces or digital time. Can be found at for $7.14.

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Uppababy Vista
Posted on 03.28.10 by solistentothis @

My sister just had a baby last week…it is her first and they are finally home from the hospital. It was not a good birthing experience but now both she and the baby are doing well. And now the fun begins…the sleepless nights and never being able to wear that shirt again that doesn’t have some sort of stain on it 🙂 But then there are the outtings in that new uppababy vista stroller and all the new outfits that look adorable on him. It is a great time in a parents life!

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Prenatal Vitamin
Posted on 03.21.10 by solistentothis @

One of the first things that you have to get when you are pregnant are the prenatal vitamins. I was always prescribed these vitamins by my doctor but I have found that the ones that are just over the counter do not cost any more or less and are sometimes better. I always like to read up in the labels and of course I ask my doctor and he will tell me what I really need. I just always wanted that healthy baby…that is the most imporant thing!

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EMU Australia Bronte Lo Boot
Posted on 02.14.10 by solistentothis @

Not for nothing… but these EMU Australia Toddler/Little Kid Bronte Lo Boot are just as nice and just as comfortable as the overpriced Ugg boots. I think that many people are just paying for the name now and personally I am not all that stylish so I can not even tell the two apart. Why spend more on products for the name!

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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Say Please Tea Set
Posted on 02.05.10 by solistentothis @

This Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Say Please Tea Set is truly adorable for any little girl to enjoy and play with. I remember having a tea set when I was little and we took just good care of it and played with it all the time either filling it with water or soda or something. It was always a lot of fun!

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